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Even though our integrated report is primarily focused on our shareholders and the investment community, our stakeholders play an important role in our ability to create value. In the table below, we are providing an overview of how we engage with our stakeholders, what their concerns are and cross reference how we have responded to these concerns during the past year.
Stakeholder Our process of engagement Why we value our stakeholders What our stakeholders expect of us What concerns our stakeholders How we have responded
Regular presentations, roadshows and management meetings
Financial and integrated reporting
Published results and electronic communication
Site visits
Providers and influencers of financial capital
Sustainable growth and returns on their investments
Growing shareholder wealth
Delivering sustainable returns
Leadership and strategic direction
Response to market changes
Appropriate investment in new businesses and capacity in existing businesses
Utilisation of surplus cash
Exposure to volatile exchange rates and commodity prices
Strategic review of our businesses
Investment into future capacity
  Visit our investor centre for published results and online communication
Customer meetings
Focus groups
Business association meetings
Call centres
Users of our products and services
Opportunities for sustainable growth
Provide feedback that could be used for further improvements
Delivering on our promises
Quality products at competitive prices
Quality of our products
Security of supply
Timely and effective response to customer complaints
Improved IT systems
Further improvement of customer service programmes
Offering more value-added services pages: How we create value, CBI-electric
Successful legal action against distributors of counterfeit products
Management communication channels
Performance appraisals
Company and award functions
Our people are our value
Providing a stimulating and rewarding work environment
Valuing employee contributions
Training and education
Career prospects
Competitive remuneration and benefits
Workforce transformation
Job security
Several companies conducted employee satisfaction surveys. Many of our companies rolled out value-based systems to its employees
Collective bargaining
Shop-floor forums
Agent that represents 22% of our total workforce
Job creation and sustainable businesses
Appropriate remuneration
Safe working environment
Health and safety performance
Appropriate procedures and policies
Job creation and retention
Fair wages
Job security
Actively participates in the industry policy forum SEIFSA to simplify main agreement and to introduce measures to improve productivity and job creation
Board and management meetings
Empowerment partners
Sustainable growth and a contribution to the broader community development
Reunert’s standing in society
Government policy
Education and training
Job creation
Reunert College
All our companies maintained or improved on their BBBEE scorecards
Meetings, presentations and workshops
Supplier forums
Equipment forums
Sales conferences
Technical updates
Integral to our supply chain
Partnerships providing growth opportunities
Long-term security of supply
Impact of low cost imports
Franchise channel stabilised
Distributor policies revised
Business body memberships
Participation in meetings and initiatives
Shared expertise
Contributing to the collective voice of industry
Workforce transformation
Disclosure and management of carbon emissions
Industrial policies
Procurement policies of state-owned entities
New learnerships were implemented
Designation of cable industry as a preferred supplier to state-owned entities
Media releases
Responding to queries
Communicating our messages with the broader community
Obtaining better insight into operational and industry performance
Financial results
Regulatory changes, specifically in the telecommunications industry
No specific interventions
Corporate social investment initiatives
Reunert College
Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation
Enterprise development
A commitment to the communities in which we operate
Licence to operate
Contributing responsibly to the societies in which we operate
Employment opportunities
Sponsorships and bursaries
Training and education
Social development spend of R11,2 million (2012: R15,4 million)
Our main focus is education
97% black beneficiaries
Interaction with
Department of Trade and Industry
Department of Communications
Ministry of Defence
National Conventional Arms Control Committee
Policy decisions that could impact on way we conduct our business
Sustainability of the business and industries
Fair treatment
Compliance to applicable laws and regulations
Strategic input on drafting policies
Accurate reporting
The survival of core technologies in SA
Improving South Africa’s competitiveness
Fairness for consumers
Cables industry designated as preferred supplier for state-owned entities
Submitted inputs to the defence review update
Submitted an agreement to govern internet protocol and support technologies
Key deliverables are presented timeously